BayesCamp is a new startup from Stan developer, statistician and data science guy Robert Grant. The goal is to provide the best face-to-face training and coaching in the world for Bayesian methods and software.

(Admittedly, this might not be too hard. Teaching in statistics and data science is notoriously bad and usually omits Bayes completely, and frankly, you deserve better. Robert is a fanatical reformer, building on years of teaching experience and participation in international conferences on stats education.)

Some of the learning Robert and colleagues offer:

  • One-to-one coaching, or on-site workshops
  • Meta-analysis
  • Adaptive clinical trials
  • Health economics
  • Multilevel regression and poststratification (Mr P)
  • Stan! BUGS! JAGS! R, Python, Stata! ENIAC (only kidding)

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